Osaka Jets Rock!

Osaka Jets Rock!

Kozmoz held our annual community fall food drive on Nov. 20th this year in in the Momoyama area of south Kyoto. Joining us were 23 young adults from the Osaka AJET Language teachers group, aprox 20 Doshisha Students from the International Volunteer Circle and many students and staff from the Kozmoz Family English Schools. The […]

Food Drive

Most of us think nothing about where our next meal is coming from but for approximately 15 percent of our neighbors each day is a literal struggle to make it to the next. In more human terms, that means 1 out of 7 citizens of our nation live below the poverty line. Each year on […]

We are as healthy as they are

Inspite of all the efforts to secure health care for all, there is still a great number of people that fall between the cracks. Once again this fall, Kozmoz Japan has teamed up with several groups here in Kansai to provide health, dental, legal assistance and a nutritious meal to those in need at no […]

Meet Toshi

Just what kind of person volunteers at Kozmoz Japan?. Meet Toshi who is a housewife who also works part time. She one of our longest participating volunteer staff members here in Kyoto and has been sharing her wisdom, time and resources for more than?5 years. Lets ask Toshi a few questions about her time here […]

Thank You!

Unfortunately our small local delivery van died and was beyond repair just before Christmas. For the Kozmoz Kyoto Foodbank, this meant curtailing our delivery schedule of foodstuffs to local orphanages, retirement homes and aid centers. With little of nothing left in the budget for a major purchase we were looking at a difficult beginning to […]

Do they know its Christmas?

Every Christmas Kozmoz Japan sends a Christmas Feast to a different group of homeless in the Kansai region. This year we chose a homeless group near Fuse Eki in East Osaka. Our local contact, the Batman of Fuse arranged things on site and our volunteers and interns gathered at the Kyoto Center and made the […]