Kozmoz Kansai FoodBank Corona Virus Update!

Kozmoz Kansai FoodBank Corona Virus Update!

Posted on March 13, 2020
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The schools are closed, graduation canceled, sporting events canceled, weddings postponed….What is open? The good news is that the food bank is open. Here is the crew working hard and enjoying their break after delivering to orphanages and old folks homes today. Serviced about 500 people today.

The bad news? Well since the food bank does not solicit tax funds and is self funded… with our income producing activities reduced, we are a little stretched for funds. There are no paid food bank staff but we do need funds for diesel, replacing sketchy tires, storage etc.

Feeling generous? Two tires will cost 12000 yen, one delivery trip costs about 5000 yen, lunch for the volunteers costs about 1000 yen… if you are tight on dough just cheer us on, however if you have a a few extra pennies, we would put them to good use. Take care everyone, be safe, wash your hands and don’t forget the less fortunate. They are family and family are not the responsibility of the government, they are our responsibility.


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