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    Japan Internship

    This is truly a unique internship opportunity for selected applicants to experience Japan in a way very few non-Japanese ever have a chance to. Interns work daily in non-governmental social programs for underprivileged families, organize relief activities and cultural exchange events and help staff the Kozmoz Cafe and English school that provides funding for social programs through social enterprise. Though this program was designed as a scholarship college internship, non- students are welcome to apply.

    You will be interning in the ancient city of Kyoto in the Fushimi district, a historic area most famous for Sake Brewing and traditional crafts. It served as a defense stronghold for the Historic Kyoto, Capitol of Japan until the Edo period, and is home to what is considered the most beautiful castle ever built in Japan.

    Kyoto internship participants will be working daily providing support for underprivileged families, receive training and gain practical experience teaching English as a second language and helping out in the Kozmoz New York Cafe. Activities are wide ranging and everyday is a challenge. Applicants will be working and studying at the center and at local schools and organizations where they will have plenty of chances to share their culture, and experience the varied cultures of Japan. Kozmoz International is active in different areas in Japan working with the underprivileged. In 2004 we started Second Harvest Kansai, an Osaka/Kobe/Kyoto based foodbank working to eliminate food waste and support the less advantaged. Just like in America we collect foods from various manufactures and food drives and make deliveries of foodstuffs and clothing to underprivileged families, orphanages, crisis pregnancy centers, battered women’s shelters, and of course to homeless outreaches.

    Applicants should be self starters who are not afraid to try new things and able to take instruction. Instruction will be given on teaching English as a second language, working and living in a foreign culture, and business management. Internship participants will be living in a communal situation and need to be able to be tolerant of other cultures and be ready to help with the daily logistics of the center and living center. This is a tremendous opportunity for students of the Japanese language, culture, and social enterprise. The founder of Kozmoz International will be the Site Director for 2017 so there should be plenty of moving and shaking going on. Please check the details of the course and expectations as well as the current syllabus for academic applicants


    The center has excellent access to both downtown Kyoto and Osaka. It is both close to shopping and located next to a greenbelt by the historic Yodogawa river, a great place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the most densely populated country in the world. There are numerous cultural activities in the Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe area known as the Kansai district regardless of the season. Kyoto is the cultural center of Japan and is brimming with traditional arts and crafts, traditional foods, museums, and temples. Though Kyoto is famous for its many beautiful and historic temples and festivals, it is also the city with the most colleges and universities per capita in Japan, as such it is a hotbed of research and development. This makes Kyoto a dynamic city where the past and the future meet head on. There is something for everyone in Kyoto. Osaka is most notable for its entertainment districts and commerce, and its people are known for being warm and humorous. Spending time in Kansai gives you the opportunity to learn some Kansai ben, the spicy dialect spoken here and will give you an insight into Japan that you just can’t get anywhere else. Finally, just an hour away is the modern bustling port city of Kobe. After being devastated by a massive earthquake just 8 years ago, it has risen from the ashes like a Phoenix and is the most international of Japans major cities.

    Kyoto Japan Internship Program Dates *internship dates and terms are flexible so feel free to inquire if your schools schedule is different than those listed.

    Do you like kids? Volunteer Au Pair position also available. Inquire HERE if you are interested.

    Openings: currently taking application for summer 2023, 2024

    An unscheduled position is immediately available in Kyoto, please apply using the online application.

    Kyoto Japan Internship Positions are limited so contact us or your study abroad office soon to assure your placement. A Kozmoz International Representative can help you with travel and insurance arrangements. For participants qualifying for college credit, a Kozmoz International Representative will arrange a maximum number of credits with the Study Abroad Office at your campus.


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