Multi-tasking at Kozmoz!

Multi-tasking at Kozmoz!

Busy days and Christmas right around the corner. Had a mountain of instant ramen come in to the food bank this week. Great timing as the cold winds of winter finally came roaring in this week as well. Impoverished souls are enjoying hot soup and happy knowing that someone cared enough to help them out. […]

How is the Kozmoz Food Bank Funded?

Here is a question I get often. How is the Kozmoz Food Bank Funded? Well, Caston runs an English School that provides about 90% of the budget. The rest comes from people like yourself that care about their community and make small donations or provide services to enable us to do more with less. Now, […]

A+ Efforts from the A-Team

Here is the A-Team loading the truck at the warehouse for a day of delivering foodstuffs to less fortunate in Osaka and Kyoto. Great way to spend a day of summer vacation. Of course we did summer homework when we got back. Gotta exercise the body, the mind and the heart as well to be […]

Kozmoz Kansai FoodBank Corona Virus Update!

The schools are closed, graduation canceled, sporting events canceled, weddings postponed….What is open? The good news is that the food bank is open. Here is the crew working hard and enjoying their break after delivering to orphanages and old folks homes today. Serviced about 500 people today. The bad news? Well since the food bank […]