It’s the community stupid

It’s the community stupid

Back in 1992 Bil Clinton won the presidential election because his campaign was able to boil down the general disatisfaction of the electorate in one simple phrase. "Its the economy stupid". It cut through all the confusion and people could really relate to what they were experiencing personally. It just hit home.  While enjoying a scrumptious […]

July 4th!

Never a 4th of July goes by with an annual Kozmoz BBQ! This year too Papa Bear n Caston dished out the vittles we miss from back home… Slow baked n BBQ ribs with the meat just ready to fall off the bones, spiced chicken strips, italian sausages, world famous K Burgers and of course a […]

A word is worth a thousand pictures?

Usually we say a picture is worth a thousand words…. Kozmoz means many things to many people. It operates a food bank, sponsors cultural exchange events, as well as providing international internships for giving people from all over the world a chance to experience Japanese culture and learn about social enterprise and how to structure our […]

An after view of the Kumamoto Earthquake- How to help

Disasterous. Unheard of. Over 500 earthquakes over 3 days, with the largest being 7.3 M… Of course there were buildings collapsed, roads destroyed, gas pipes broken, and damage that one wolud expect. There were miracles as well like the 8 month old baby girl that was pulled from the rubble by rescue workers. She was crushed […]

Contact Page Fixed;)

Thank you to the intern applicant that called and let us know that the contact form was not sending messages, we have corrected the problem. Anyone wishing to volunteer to help maintain or update this website, please drop us a line! Kozmoz International