Thank You Sankei News

Thank You Sankei News

That was nice of the newspaper to recognize the hard work that all the teachers, burger makers, waiters, interns and volunteers have put in to make their communities a little nicer place to live.

Brand New Kozmoz Cafe Website!

Good Morning Folks! Just a quick update to announce we are now live with our NEW Website,✨ We have also set up a new merchandise store (Link on our new website) where you can buy Kozmoz Cafe themed goods 😁 *All proceeds from both our Cafe and our Merchandise sales go towards our Kozmoz Japan […]

Thank You Mr. Hori!

This is Mr. Hori. Mr. Hori is over 70 years old. Most every Friday, Mr. Hori picks up foodstuffs and delivers it to less fortunate people in Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto. Mr. Hori doesn’t post about what others can do. Mr. Hori makes the world a better place. Mr. Hori is a volunteer. Mr. Hori […]