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    To submit your application: Please read completely before submitting your application.

    To submit your application, please review the application process here, 1 through 9. Additional details on PDF documents can be dowloaded regarding the internship HERE. At the bottom of this page, please click APPLY ONLINE NOW after you have completely read these instructions. Please fill the form out completely including medical history and dietary requirements. In the event that you are not directed to the online payment page, please remit your application fee of $20.00 US using the online link at the bottom of this patge. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact us HERE.

    Upon submission of your online registration form, you should have recieved a short mail confirming receipt of your application with instructions.  Please email a letter to that email address, detailing what you hope to learn or experience during your internship at Kozmoz Japan. Be sure to include any specific skills or talents that you have as this program is very competitive. Also, please include either your SKYPE NAME or FACETIME ACCOUNT ID in your introduction letter in the event that you are selected for interview.  You can attach a document to an email or simply compose that in an email. We are sorry, but we are not always able to interview every applicant. You will be chosen for an interview based on the contents of both your applicaton and letter of introduction. In the event that you did not receive a letter of confirmation of receipt of your application, please contact us HERE.

    You will be contaced should be chosen to be interviewed. We are sorry however, due to the number of applications that we receive, we may not be able to interview every application based on your application contents. If you are chosen to be interviewed you will be interviewed by SKYPE or FACETIME, so hopefully, you included your account names in your letter of introduction. Please understand that being interviewed does not guarantee acceptantace for participation. We will try to contact you within seven days of your interview with the results. In the event that you do not receive a reply, pleease contact us HERE

    4. VISA
    In the case that you are from a country that is not part of the Japanese 90 day visa waiver program or working holiday program, we will only be able to process the application and provide a certificate of eligibility for those whose college certifies that credit will be issued. Non students will be responsible to secure a visa on their own. You can contact your Kozmoz representative for details and you can check the following website for information regarding requirements for your country and how to apply for a temporary 90 day visa. http://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/arrange/essential/visa.html

    Congratulations if you have received confirmation of a placement. Once you have received confirmation, please remit your final processing fee of $85.00 US using the link below. Successful applicants not requireing a visa, need only send a passport photo and itinerary attached to an email. NOTE: Please do not book your ticket without coordinating your arrival date with your Kozmoz representative and receiving confirmation or you may not be eligible to enjoy a direct pickup from Kansai International Airport. In that case, you will still receive complimentary transportation using the HARUKA EXPRESS TRAIN that goes direct from the airport to Kyoto Station where you will be met by Kozmoz staff and transpoerted to the Kozmoz Living Center in Kyoto. Acceptance is valid only for the stated time period on your confirmation, if you wish to participate at a different time, you will need to submit a request to your Kozmoz representitive and any changes will be at the discretion of Kozmoz Japan.

    For those applicants that have received confirmation of acceptance that requrie a visa, in addition to your final processing fee, in the event that you would like Kozmoz to apply for your visa, you will remit $170.00 US UPON NOTICE OF ACCEPTANCE FOR AND INTERNSHIP POSITON OF NO LESS THAN 80 DAYS in order to have Kozmoz to apply for your visa certificate of eligibilty. You may remit this fee using the online link below or mail the fee to the address below. Be aware that your acceptance is conditional to the stated time period that you are eligible to particiapte. NOTE: Kozmoz International is only able to apply for a certificate of eligibillity for this program if your home university will offer credits for successful completion of your internship.

    Participants that have been accepted as for non scholarship internships or volunteer positions should use the link below in order to remit a one time participation fee of $200 US. Your letter of confirmation will indicate the status of your participation.

    For those applicants requiring a visa, please send the following items to:

    59-2 Hiranocho Fushimiku Kyotoshi 612-8057 Japan

    two color photos 40mm x 30mm
    a copy of your passport page with your photo and expiration date
    a copy of the entry stamp of your last visit to Japan if applicable
    a list of all previous entries into Japan with the dates and port of entry
    a letter from your university stating that you will receive credit for your participation. There is no requirement regarding the number of credits issued. If your university does not yet have a relationship with Kozmoz, you can send the name and contact information of your advisor and we will make sure that our program fulfills the requirements of your institution and arrange for credits.

    You may use the PayPal link below with the menu to remit all intership fees.
    For those not wishing to pay on line, you may send a money order or cashiers check made out to Kozmoz International to:

    Kozmoz International
    703 e39th Spokane WA
    USA 99203
    *NOTE: paying by post may add significant time to your application processing.


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