Super Nutritionist!

Super Nutritionist!

Posted on December 5, 2008
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Making Memorys

We deliver a variety of donated and purchased products to institutions and support agencies. Recently, we received quite a few turkeys through Second Harvest Japan. Whole turkeys are not the most common thing for Japanese to cook or eat and most of the turkeys were cut up and used for soups and other dishes. But our super nutritionist at Momoyama Gakuen in Kyoto wanted to do something special with them. She decided to have some birthday parties and cooked them whole and even stuffed them like I do for thanksgiving. We truly appreciate the nutritionists that work hard to be creative and flexible in using the various and often unusual foodstuffs that are donated. Helping people is not just about providing food, but emotional support and making special memories as well. And just before Christmas…Good work nutruitionist Nakazawa!


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