300,000 kgs delivered in 2013!

300,000 kgs delivered in 2013!

Posted on March 10, 2014
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Kozmoz Food Bank Kansai delivered over 300,000 kg of food in 2013Last year Kozmoz and the community members of Kansai joined forces to provide over 300,000 kg of food products to the less fortunate in their community absolutely for free. What makes this so amazing is that in a time of government cutbacks, community members decided that they were not willing to watch their neighbors suffer and decided to do something about the widening gap between the wealthy and the needy. “I think that having a single mom and her child starve to death in their apartment in Osaka last year because she was ashamed to ask her neighbors for help, woke a lot of people up” said Food Bank director Barry Wyatt. “People realized that just because a person does not have obvious signs of distress, we can not take for granted that our next door neighbor and their children are doing fine. Traditionally, we were involved with our neighbors and it is time for us to return to our cultural heritage of helping each other”. The current poverty rate is over 16 percent and that means that one in seven of the people around us is in economic distress. 


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