Christmas is for everybody

Christmas is for everybody

Posted on December 22, 2008
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Joey Wyatt sharing Christmas

Christmas is special to me. The world is full of people that think it is just another day but it does not have to be. For those of us that think it is special, it can be even more special to share it with someone that has never had ‘Christmas’ before. This year we made a point to search out less knows places where people are suffering. One of those places is Fuse Station in the east part of Osaka. Far from the major parks that are most associated with homeless and poverty that receive attention often, the impoverished of Fuse go essentially unnoticed. This year our staff brought Christmas to approximately 50 homeless men and some families from the area on Dec. 21st. Each person received christmas presents of warm clothes and a special treat as well as a roast chicken Christmas dinner. Tears were shared by recipients and staff alike at the surprise Christmas dinner. What a wonderful world it would be if everyone had a hot Christmas meal and the feeling that someone cared. Lets work on that.


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