New Kozmoz Center in Kyoto

New Kozmoz Center in Kyoto

Posted on December 30, 2008
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Kozmoz Japan Headquarters

Thru the hard work of all the staff and volunteers we have moved our Japan headquarters to Fushimi ward in south Kyoto. Centered in the most famous sake brewing district in Japan, it is rich in history surrounded by quiet wonderful suburban scenery.

The new center has 4 floors, the bottom of which will be a community coffee shop and of course the kitchen will be providing meals for the homeless, the second floor is for our English school which provides finances for social activities, the 3rd floor is for events and offices will be on the 4th floor. Kozmoz International is committed to Japan and will endeavor to provide more enhanced services to less fortunate there.

In all of the celebration, lets not forget that this is just one step on the continuing course of providing a safety net and support for the ever expanding share of people that are falling thru the cracks of society. We still need volunteers to teach English, help with office work, drivers for picking up and delivering donations, volunteers to help make meals, volunteers to pass out flyers and help canvass preparing for events etc. Can we make a difference? Obama said it, YES WE CAN!


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