Meet Toshi

Meet Toshi

Posted on March 7, 2010
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Toshi and Boaz

Just what kind of person volunteers at Kozmoz Japan?. Meet Toshi who is a housewife who also works part time. She one of our longest participating volunteer staff members here in Kyoto and has been sharing her wisdom, time and resources for more than?5 years. Lets ask Toshi a few questions about her time here at Komzoz Japan.

Q. What was it that interested you in working with Kozmoz?

A. ? Kozmoz’ Kansai project was a new and unknown world to me. I think that most Japanese would never know about food banking just like myself. We usually just donate money to people who are victims of disaster. But Kozmoz food bank is completely different. Companies can donate foods which are thrown away as? garbage. But much of the food is still edible.Read MoreThat means that the foods are just mislabeled or bent cans or in many cases the stores just ordered too much! Just like convenience stores have bentos left over at the end of each day. Those food products are still safe and nutritious. By collecting and distributing the food, we not only cut down on garbage , but ?we can also support people that need help. Also? I believe it’s good for environment. I’m happy that? when I distribute food, I can see the people smiling in the orphanages and many institutions.

Q. Which of Kozmoz’ ?principles is most meaningful for you?

A. The most meaningful principle for me is supporting people without greed for money and without seeking honors.

Q. Has volunteering with Kozmoz affected or changed you?

A.? Of course my ideas of volunteering?have changed. Because I did not know about food banking at all untill I? found out about ?Kozmoz, so I didn’t care about poor people much. Working with Kozmoz helped me eliminate prejudice and learned that I was connected to all people even when we come from a different station in life. I that I have matured through my experience and I maybe become a bit sweeter ; ) ?I am thankful for Kozmoz for the opportunity.

Q. What do you think the greatest needs are for Kozmoz today? 

A. 1. We need to have a Japanese leader of Kozmoz in Japan. 2. We need to find ways of letting more people and businesses know about our activities. And I hope that school students can learn about food banking, social issues and be able to join in and help the activities. . 3. Then, we need to expand and see foodbanks in many communities in Japan.

Q. What are your hopes for Kozmoz and Japan in the future? 

A. I hope that the number of groups such as the Kozmoz that are helping underprivileged increase and? more that, ?I hope they can find ways to cooperate?well to be able to work more efficiently.? I think that in the end, helping the underprivileged and building bridges between people is the most important thing for our future .

Thank you for your time Toshi! And it is great to see your English improve. Kozmoz would be nowhere without heros like you!


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