We are as healthy as they are

We are as healthy as they are

Posted on September 14, 2010
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a check up for them keeps us healthy as a society

a checkup for our community

Inspite of all the efforts to secure health care for all, there is still a great number of people that fall between the cracks. Once again this fall, Kozmoz Japan has teamed up with several groups here in Kansai to provide health, dental, legal assistance and a nutritious meal to those in need at no cost. Several local health and legal professionals have donated their time, materials and resource to make sure that health and legal care is available to all. Even if we cant change everything, at least on September 12th the hungry were fed, the sick received medical care and the disadvantaged received legal help that otherwise they would not have access to.?A hearty thanks to all those that volunteered to help make our community a truly rich one.


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