Food Drive

Food Drive

Posted on October 29, 2010
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every day is a struggle to survive for 15 percent of our neighbors

a day in their lives

Most of us think nothing about where our next meal is coming from but for approximately 15 percent of our neighbors each day is a literal struggle to make it to the next. In more human terms, that means 1 out of 7 citizens of our nation live below the poverty line. Each year on Oct. 16th the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization brings this situation to light thru ‘ World Food Day’. Kozmoz International will be co-operating with the FAO again this year by hosting a food drives in Spokane Washington and Kyoto Japan. We will be collecting food from the 13th until the 20th of November . All of the food collected will be distributed to the local foodbanks and and aid agencies. If you would like your underprivileged neighbors in their time of need please contact us. You can make a difference!


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