Kozmoz New York Coffee

Kozmoz New York Coffee

Posted on February 21, 2011
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Kozmoz NY Coffee shop in Momoyama Kyoto

Kozmoz NY Coffee in Momoyama

Welcome to our New Cafe in South Kyoto. With an American menu of mostly imported ingredients, the flavor should appeal to anyone who misses the food from ‘back home’ or something that they enjoyed on a trip to the states. As with all Kozmoz enterprises, the staff are all volunteer and all proceeds go to provide for the Kozmoz Food Bank and aid activities in Japan. So if you are in Kansai please stop by and have some delicious NY cheesecake, a philly cheese steak, tostada or whatever the blue plate special is for the month. Of course you can wash it down with a hot cup of NY style coffee, herb tea or an ice cold Corona. Hope to see you soon!


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