Osaka Jets Rock!

Osaka Jets Rock!

Posted on November 20, 2010
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A cheerful Fushimi resident helping out

Kozmoz held our annual community fall food drive on Nov. 20th this year in in the Momoyama area of south Kyoto. Joining us were 23 young adults from the Osaka AJET Language teachers group, aprox 20 Doshisha Students from the International Volunteer Circle and many students and staff from the Kozmoz Family English Schools. The volunteers canvassed approximately 10,000 residences, collecting food for the less fortunate in Kyoto and Kansai. All in all they received almost 1000 kg of rice which was distributed to 2 local orphanages and used in the winter soup kitchens organized by Kozmoz in Kyoto and Osaka. Kozmoz has been organizing community food drives and food drives at local schools for years throughout Kansai to both help the less fortunate and educate the community about the needs that are yet to be met. In spite of the continued recession, this year we received more rice than ever before from households that themselves are struggling more and more. Our hats are off to them for their generosity and community spirit. As each year adds to the rolls of unemployed and freshly homeless, the needs require more and more help from community aid organizations like Kozmoz. If you have extra time on your hands and could help with deskwork, computerwork, driving, or community contacts, we would love to hear from you!


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