Tohoku Aftermath, 3 months on

Tohoku Aftermath, 3 months on

Posted on June 20, 2011
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onegawa port in tohoku after the tsunami, as bad today in june as it was in march..I ran across this article yesterday and felt it was worthy to post. It really captures just how overwhelming the situation is in N.E. Japan is and just how impotent the aid and relief to this point has been. I would hope that after reading it, that you would be moved to fast with us as well.

It is an inimitable picture of Japanese order and contentment. Passengers throng Sendai Airport. In the fields and market gardens close by, farmers are tending their crops. In the city, the bullet trains are spitting out businessmen.

It is almost impossible to imagine the colossal earthquake that unleashed first a tsunami and then a nuclear nightmare just 100 days ago.

The north-eastern seaboard was devastated. Some 28,000 people are dead or missing. Sixteen towns, 95,000 buildings and 23 railway stations have been destroyed. The town of Minamisanriku has simply vanished….. Read the entire article


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