Free health, dental, and legal consultations

Free health, dental, and legal consultations

Posted on September 6, 2011
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On 10/30 Kozmoz will be attending the 2011 Yorozu Soudankai at Kyoto Campus Plaza

Every Year the Yorozu Soudankai is held at the Kyoto Campus Plaza. It is an event to provide free health checks, free dental checks and legal consultations for people in need.

Kozmoz International has participated the last 4 years in this event and is planning to participate this year too!

Our duty is to provide a hot meal for people after they are done with their check up!

This year we plan to make lunch boxes and have hot soup ready for people,

We will make the lunches the night before so this event will be broken up into 2 days


10/29 Sat.  18:00~ We will meet at Kozmoz Fushimi Center and prepare aprox. 50 lunches

10/30 Sun. 8:00 Am We will meet infront of Kyoto Campus Plaza( right next to Kyoto Station) and start to prepare

the event is from 9:00am to 15:00

Please feel free to contact if you want to join the event or have any questions!



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