Tohoku relief report for August

Tohoku relief report for August

Posted on September 7, 2011
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The situation in Tohoku is bitter for many of the residents and nobody can share thier pain, disappointments and disenfranchisments as they themselves have in this video. We as people, Japan and the world community can do much better than we have. For now, Kozmoz continutes to do as much as possible. The next truck loaded with food destined for residents of temporary housing in Fukushima shut out from aid leaves this Sunday evening. I will report that today, an official from the Minami Soma city hall stated unequivocally that no more official letters of request for aid will be issued which means that we will no longer be able to receive a pass granting us relief from tolls on the freeways. This will add hundreds of dollars of costs for each load of much needed food. When asked why, the official responded that they need to people there to buy locally to restore the economy….

Being as vast amounts of farmlands in Tohoku are no longer safe to raise produce, feed and livestock because of contamination from airborne radiactive isotopes…. not to mention the contamination of sea foods…..and the fact that THOUSANDS of factories and stores were washed away in an instant stealing away the lively hood of the residents of those devastated communities has created a situation where though we may want those residents to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, it is simply unrealistic. The governemnt, Tokyo Power Co. and all of us need to be the miracle that these people desperately need.




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