Tohoku relief through relocation

Tohoku relief through relocation

Posted on September 9, 2011
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tohoku relief thru relocation of families to radiation safe zonesKomzoz Japan is now accepting applications for families wishing to relocate to Kansai and Chugoku regions in order to minimize exposer to radioactive nuclides for their children.

Though Komzoz continutes to provide support and foodstocks to the areas devastated by the March 11th tsunami and earthquake, we believe that the arbitrary 20 km exclusion zone leaves many children and families at risk and it would be safer for those living closest to the area, whether in shelters, temporary housing, or remaining residences to relocate to areas with less radioactive contamination.

A map that was released by the Japanese govt. shows levels as high as 1 million becquerels consistently up to 60 km or more from the stricken plants. The plants have not been brought under control, will not be for an indeterminate amount ot time and with the levels being cumulative, the risk will only increase over time for the survivors in these areas. We can maximize healing and aid by assisting relocation to those at risk.

How much short and long term risk exists for these children and families is hotly debated, but the special levels of acceptable exposure to radiation adopted by the Japanese government allows levels of exposure much higher than other countries. Rather than wait to see the results of these higher acceptable levels, we hope that you will assist us by providing funds, food, and property to assist us in providing relocation assistance to as many families as possible.

Funds are limited so assistance will be given to families based on economic need, the number of children living in their household, and the radiation levels of their place of residence. If you know of an at risk family in the tohoku area or would like to apply yourself, please contact your local Kozmoz Representitive at once.


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