No, we did not forget

No, we did not forget

Posted on September 10, 2011
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kansai kozmoz food bank aid, relief, and helping handsWe have had a lot of news regarding the tragedy in N.E. Japan so we wanted to let everyone know tha  in all of our zeal to help the survivors, we have not forgetten the underprivileged here in Kansai and the other places about the world that Kozmoz provides, support, relief, and aid to the less fortunate.

In all the tragedy in Tohoku and the recent flooding in the US, we hope that none of us forgets that being hungry feels just as hopeless and demoralizing wherever you are.

The Mainichi news here in Japan reported that the number of people on welfare now in Japan is the highest it has been since the dark days of devastation and ruin after the pacific war.

Of course having thousands thrown out of work as their places of employment was washed away by the tsunami of March 11th has added to the suffering, but anyone who takes a stroll thru town can see the increase in empty storefronts…. and furthermore the increasing length of time they stay vacant…. must understand that there are many other factors creating the long term down turn in the economy.

Causes aside, the suffering in our communities is increasing and our over reliance on our governments is not easing the situation. Our nations and communites were built on the blood and sweat of those that came before us, let us not forget their personal sacrifice and let us step up the be the solution that is so desperately needed today. Volunteer your skills, time, and resourses today that tomorrow may be brighter for all.

Join us here in Kansai serving the less fortunate in the park, making bentos for the impoverished, provide housing for the displaced from Tohoku, donate foodstocks from you manufacturing or warehouse facility for the food bank here in Kansai, provide a homestay for volunteers, or contact Kozmoz and let us know about any way that you can help us serve our community today!


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  1. Kimani on November 9th, 2011 4:22 am

    You guys are angels, man! Keep up the good work and I'll spread the word around campus about Kozmoz. Email me any ad posters and pamphlets. Heck, I'll make a pamphlet! Ganbatte ~

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