The ultimate seat of power

The ultimate seat of power

Posted on December 12, 2011
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the elite have no power lest the consumers of the world give it to themBuy Nothing Day is held each year on the 24th of November in which people from around the world agree to buy nothing for 24 hours. Why? in order to remind the architects of the economies around the world just who it is that provides the funds to fuel their grand economic plans. That would be you and me in case you had forgotten, the average consumers of the world. Consumers have tremendous power to shape production and business activity by simply choosing whom to do business with.

In the same way, we remember those who have been for whatever reason fail to be included in the prosperity of our communities. Kozmoz was giving a helping hand to homeless in Osaka that evening by providing hot meals and encouragement to the men and women living on the streets.

The true seat of power is and always has been the common man. It is the common man that allows the world to be shaped around him thru the resourse of his labor and consumption. Without those fundemental economic building blocks, the elite would be devoid of any power. The sad thing is that simple apathy and ignorance seems to be the strongest forces shaping the communities and nations of our world. ?2012 would be a good year to begin to reassert the ultimate seat of power.


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