Everyday people making a difference

Everyday people making a difference

Posted on December 15, 2011
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the way of tea becomes the way of love
These nice folks to the left are from Icchukai (which roughly means "we are all one ) a group in Kyoto that practices Japanese Tea Ceremony or Sado, the way of tea. They come from an amazing variety of backgrounds but they all share a love of the inspiration that comes from practicing their craft and in that they were inspired to use their last chakai gathering as a venue to collect donations to support survivors from the devastating tsunami in n.e. Japan in March.

Though we rarely highlight financial donors here at Kozmoz, I was struck by the amazing diversity of their membership and could not help but think that if more "ordinary" people were to invest in their communities as these folk have, there would be perhaps a few more "haves" and a few less "have nots". And that is a great thing to remember as the Christmas season is upon us. I think I'll have a hot cup of green tea now ; )


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