Fukushima update from Kyoto’s eyes

Fukushima update from Kyoto’s eyes

In Fukushima, workers in protective gear plant rice to moniter the uptake of nucleoids in contaminated soil….  After realigning the energy production of Japan to include almost no nuclear production over the last year in response to public concern of the tragedy at the Daiichi Nuclear Complex in Fukushima, plants at the highest concentration of […]

A time to reflect

June 11th to 24th at Ryukoku University in South Kyoto there will be a gallery display of photographs taken after the Great Eastern Japanese Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11th 2011. This is a good chance to remember and reflect upon the enourmity of the disaster, the staggering loss of life and property, and […]

Good News!

  Sorry for the the long silence….  what a year it has been! Now a  little good news 😉   Pictured is the new Kozmzo Kansai Distribution Center! I know I often whine here about societal needs and the gross level of public apathy that has gotten us where we are but…