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    Kansai Food Bank Activities


    This page is currently being remodled… next time you come there may be some photos and graphics as well:)

    1. Food Bank
    K2HK receives donations of food products from manufacturers, supermarkets, warehouses, importers and restaurants and receives them to the K2HK warehouse. Some food stuffs are picked up right at the port fresh off of ships coming from various countries. 
    Food stuffs are then transported to our sorting center and warehouse where they are cleaned, sorted, checked for condition, large items are repacked into sizes easily used by individuals and families and then stocked or loaded into trucks for distribution. Many of the fresh fruits and vegetables are received, sorted, packaged and delivered all with in the same day.
    K2HK trucks then deliver the donated products to Orphanages, Homeless Centers, Elderly Care Centers, Domestic Violence Shelters, and Pantry Stations for Disadvantaged Families. Deliveries are made 365 days a year!
    2. Soup Kitchen
    K2HK sponsors soup kitchens in Kyoto and Osaka for homeless, day workers and families. Some events are held in parks or under bridges and some events are sponsored and held in local churches. Food is sometimes prepared on site and sometimes food is prepared at the K2HK center and then transported. Each Christmas, special meals are prepared and delivered to parks in Osaka.
    3. Disaster Relief
    K2HK responds to disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and fires that displace people from their homes and sources of adequate and nutritious food. K2HK uses stock on hand and solicits foodstuffs to stock aid trucks for delivery to the disaster areas. K2HK also dispatches aid and reconstruction workers to disaster areas.
    4. Relocation Assistance
    K2HK works to provide assistance to people wishing to relocate from disaster areas to the Kansai area. This includes arranging temporary lodging, sponsorship of housing, meals, and ongoing support.
    5. Education and Community Awareness Training. 
    One of the goals for K2HK is to raise awareness to the growing poverty level in Japan, the lack of food security and growing number of working poor in Japan. Of course community members can learn much about their community by volunteering for food bank projects and working with volunteers from various countries. K2HK also promotes seminars and offers opportunities to volunteer for between 2 months and a year in America helping with various projects promoting social ecology along with various study opportunities.