FoodBank or Advertisment?

FoodBank or Advertisment?

Posted on March 21, 2008
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pfizer using foodbank kansai to make themselves look like an upstanding member of societyWe charities and foundations are the gatekeepers of our communities. Formed for the public good, and operated not for profit but for the public good. It seems however that most well meaning ideas take on a life of their own and after a time, many organizations will do anything to get money in the door.

Pictured above is the chairman of Foodbank Kansai receiving money from Pfizer corporation. Pfizer is the largest drug manufacturer in the world, and they operate outside the bounds of national and international laws at their whim*. They routinelypay huge fines*to quietly make their discretions go away….They have run afoul of the laws of just about every country on the planet*. To receive money from a company that runs illegal drug tests in 3rd world countries at the cost of innocent lives is a crime against humanity and stains the receiving organization with the same blood. A bribe is a bribe and that money was nothing more than money given to bribe us all in to overlooking Pfizers horrendous transgressions.

Charities have a unique responsibility in our societies. A responsibility to hold a higher moral standard. And as such a responsibility to choose their alliances appropriately. Not to choose alliances to line their pockets with no thought about where the money comes from. It must be a unwavering standard that we accept no money from a source that profits with no regard for human life and our fragile environment. As a charity, foundation, or support group for the weak or less fortunate, we should never take the position of an advertiser.

Who would stand by to see advertisements for tobacco or casinos on the pulpit of the church or the prayer room of the temple? How about a banner on the website that says "proudly supported by the taliban or aum shinrikyo"….It would never be tolerated. One must accept the responsibility of the position they accept and not try to walk both sides of the track.

Is it easy to fund works of good without taking money from companies that only seek to validate themselves and cover their sins? No, it is not easy at all,  but that is the responsibility that one takes on when they put on those robes. It is time for us to be honest, to stand against evil and expose it for exactly what it is.  

Kozmoz will refuse any donations from any company, group or individual found to operate outside those guidelines. As a course of policy, Kozmoz will continue to endeavor to be autonomous and self funded thru educational and socially positive enterprises.


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