Fukushima update from Kyoto’s eyes

Fukushima update from Kyoto’s eyes

In Fukushima, workers in protective gear plant rice to moniter the uptake of nucleoids in contaminated soil….  After realigning the energy production of Japan to include almost no nuclear production over the last year in response to public concern of the tragedy at the Daiichi Nuclear Complex in Fukushima, plants at the highest concentration of […]

The Hidden Poverty in Japan

Poverty in Japan is more than homeless living in blue sheet and cardboard shacks that most think of. Working poor are, by and large, the largest group of Japanese suffering the ills of poverty and estimated at more than 10 million[1]. These struggling individuals go largely unnoticed as provide the services that fuel society and […]

FoodBank or Advertisment?

We charities and foundations are the gatekeepers of our communities. Formed for the public good, and operated not for profit but for the public good. It seems however that most well meaning ideas take on a life of their own and after a time, many organizations will do anything to get money in the door. […]

Its 2006!

Just call me bear, all my friends do. Thinking about 2006…. 2005 was a busy long hard year. Acutally thought about packing it as the director of the Food Bank here in Kansai Japan. The budget is painful and the hours are long, and I have to work a real bill paying job to boot. […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, December 20th, 2005 Thought I would take all the kids up to the onsen hotel where I do weddings with me for the weekend as a christmas present and bonding time,cause there will be not much under the Christmas tree this year…Well, during the biggest blizzard in years slogging through the mountains….The car blows […]


It's Thanksgiving in America, it is labor day in Japan. What is it where you are? This is the first year that we will not roast a turkey in 22 years. The last time was because I was a vegetarian and we roasted a pumpkin instead. It was miserable, we ruined perfectly good stuffing, but […]

Christmas in Japan

Merry Christmas 2004 from Kyoto The weather has turned cold here and the faint smell of kerosene wafts through the halls of our large old Japanese house. Being used to central home heating as an American, it bothered me at first to use numerous kerosene fan heaters spread throughout our house when I first came […]