Empty buckets…

Empty buckets…

Posted on June 16, 2011
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Tohoku people face an empty bucket when it comes to aid and reliefAs patience wears thin, despondency sets in, and angers begin to flare among the survivors of the Tohoku tsunami in Japan, they are wondering where their help is. It should be a wake up call to us all to take a step back and consider in what and in whom we place our trust. 

We go thru school and learn how the welfare system works, how our government is by the people and for the people, and how the corporations that are regulated by our government representatives will step in and make sure everything is better when nature and circumstance turn an unfriendly face to us. Perhaps we have misplaced our trust and in doing so have forgotten the hard learned lessons passed down from our fathers…

It was not that many years ago that people in general had a much different idea of just who and what they could expect to see standing by them in times of trouble. For all practical purpose government was thought of as a necessary evil with most allowing themselves to become subjects of it and giving up rights and resource grudgingly only in order to receive protection.

What they did trust in was their family and community. Neighbors joined together to plant and to harvest. When things went bad they joined to pray. They joined to throw off the bands of oppression when their leaders became intolerable, and when their barns or houses were destroyed they joined together to raise a new ones. And after the harvest was in and the store houses were full, they joined together to celebrate and give thanks. And the thanks was as much to community as to the gods they believed in.

We have lost the keys to humanity. Our human nature has overridden the calls from our fathers and forefathers to diligently participate in our communities, to participate in the republics and democracies that have evolved from autocracies and sold ourselves to the new oligarchies… we are simply lazy.  We eagerly give up our rights and resources in order to receive unemployment, insurance, welfare, guidance, all from a burgeoning army of bureaucrats that look at us as nothing more than burdens and tasks to be dealt with until the work day ends. For what? To have faux security and a Lexus or a Loius Vitton Bag? And so, from whence we came we are quickly returning…


When faced with extreme tragedies like the tragedy in Tohoku, we feel a tug in our heart to reach out but again we are lazy and throw money at the Red Cross and soothe our consciouses and the result is horrific…. out of each dollar given, somewhere around 15 cents has reached the survivors that desperately need our help, and will for some time to come. We have a responsibility to give intelligently. In this day, when smart phones about, most could check companies and organizations for performance and quickly ascertain needs to make our giving have meaning. But we are to busy doing….

I pray that we can learn. I pray that we can regain some of the keys that we have lost. I pray for the survivors. And more than pray, Kozmoz continues to gather needed food for the survivors and make plans to provide housing and ongoing support for these people. I pray that you would join us.

God Speed Tohoku



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