First Bite in 40 Days

First Bite in 40 Days

There it is. The first bite of solid food in 40 days. How did it taste? Well…. to be honest it was somewhat of a let down. Of course over the last week especially, my mind has turned to food quite often… even in my dreams ; ) But perhaps because we taste buds were […]

A comrade down….

After 37 days of fasting to raise much needed funds for the survivors of the tsunami that ravaged N.E. Japan on March 31st, long time and faithful supporter of the less fortunate, Bernie had to call it quits with potential organ damage. We appreciate Bernie's passion when it comes to holding up the less fortunate.  […]

Why do you care?

I had a shocking experience the other night. I was working on some documents for a food drive with the Osaka Public schools when one of the students in our English school in South Kyoto came up to me and said, "Why do you care?".  It was not so much the question but how it […]

Donor Fatigue….

Here is a word that I have heard a lot of lately. 'Donor Fatigue' It means that people get tired of giving… I can understand that. We all have bills to pay, kids to put thru school, dreams to pay for… And when we hear that of 4 billion dollars given to the Japan tsunami […]

Its the food stupid…

Remember Bill Clinton? He won the US presidential election in 1992 presumuably driven by a wellspring of public support after his campaign manager James Carville came up with the simple slogan, 'Its the economy stupid!'.  It touched a nerve with the people at the time as the American economy was floundering and carried him to […]

The Wave is Here

OK, haven't eaten for a while and I have to say that from time to time my mind drifts to food… And in that I thought of of a place that I had not thought about for quite awhile, even though it was my favorite place in Japan from 2000 to 2002… The Love Wave […]

Who let who down?

The talk of town in the disaster zone in Tohoku Japan is that people feel  let down. That relief efforts from the goverment were anemic. That the Red Cross misrepresented their ability to bring relief and aid to those that need it. If I were one of the 90,000 still housed in a shelter, I […]

Whose ya Daddy?

Well, it was daddies day and it got me thinking as my tribe gave me their condolences ; ) I work hard to make the world just a little better place. Its my job and my wife never lets me forget that I apparently work far too many hours each week doing that. Its important […]

We Won’t Eat, Period

Read our lips, WE WON'T EAT, PERIOD. OK, we have been fasting now for one week. I have lost 7 kilograms and Bernie has last 5. That means that we will be fasting for 33 more days unless our friends and supporters pony up $25,000 US for our brothers and sisters in Tohoku. So far, […]

Our pathetic world

I saw this ad on facebook when I opened it up this morning. Though I know they are talking about other crisis, the timing was so ill placed… I know that right now people are taking their windfall here in Japan. Like the produce wholesaler who we approached to provide fresh vegetables for the survivors […]

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