Donor Fatigue….

Donor Fatigue….

Posted on June 25, 2011
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japan tohoku earthquake and tsunami relief and aid has run into donor fatigueHere is a word that I have heard a lot of lately.

'Donor Fatigue'

It means that people get tired of giving… I can understand that. We all have bills to pay, kids to put thru school, dreams to pay for…

And when we hear that of 4 billion dollars given to the Japan tsunami and earthquake relief effort, only around 25 percent has actually reached the victims… we may think that it is pointless to give….

Here are some pointers when trying to help.

Komzoz Japan has been working in Japan since the 1990's, Komzoz Japan works daily providing food for underprivileged in Japan, Kozmoz Japan relief activities have no administrative expenses because the day to day operation of Kozmoz is supported by Kozmoz enterprise activities meaning that all the donations received for tsunami relief are used for just that, relief. 

In fact MORE than 100% of the donations have been used for relief because Kozmoz matches many donations to make them go farther.

Don't just give, give wisely to make sure that donor fatigue is not keeping people from being able to get back on their feet.


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