Talking to one of my friends last night, Chuck, who helped us get together aid packages for the survivors in Tohoku and even drove the truck up when my schedule was a problem. It brought to mind these two fellahs to the left here, and I hunted up a picture of them. Chuck is a […]

Empty buckets…

As patience wears thin, despondency sets in, and angers begin to flare among the survivors of the Tohoku tsunami in Japan, they are wondering where their help is. It should be a wake up call to us all to take a step back and consider in what and in whom we place our trust.  We […]


Everyday I am traveling to and fro about Japan for meetings, research, deliveries etc. and in such I meet a lot of people. Lately, I have just been appalled at the lack of concern shown when the subject of the aftermath of the tsunami in Tohoku comes up. Just being caught up in ones own […]

A life is worth what?

Good morning! Another day without the distraction of food tantalizing my senses ; ) So, I was driving to work this morning as I usually do, morning rush, always crazy, cars dodging in and out on the supposedly quaint but unreasonably narrow streets here in Kyoto.  Streets that are famously narrow with of all things, […]

Here we go!

OK! Here we go. I still think this was a great idea though Bern was dragging his feet a bit ; ) WE WILL SUCCEED in our quest.  And that is to renew interest in the ongoing tragedy in NE Japan! In the meantime, Bern and I will be giving up solid food for 40 […]

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