Whose ya Daddy?

Whose ya Daddy?

Posted on June 20, 2011
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tohoku needs daddy's handsWell, it was daddies day and it got me thinking as my tribe gave me their condolences ; ) I work hard to make the world just a little better place. Its my job and my wife never lets me forget that I apparently work far too many hours each week doing that. Its important to me. This is a really messed up planet we live on and I want to do as much as possible to leave a better one for my kids.  But in the end, and speaking of kids, nothing that I do is more important, iinfluential or fun as being a dad.

I love being a dad. I love to watch my children grow and learn. I love to see them have fun and I love to see them become the people who I can feel confident to take over the reigns as I make my curtain call…

We as parents have a huge amount of influence over our children and to a great degree shape just who they will become. Now I know that most parents would say "thats fine but my kids dont listen to me, dont take my advice, and treat me as if I were an idiot". And yes that is true, mine do just that constantly,  just as I did with my father. But in end, it is only the last few years that I realized just how much his influence shaped who I became. And I am sure that the seeming lack of input I have had in my childrens lives will turn out to be substantially recognized long after I am gone.

Kaeru no ko wa kaeru da- is a wonderful japanese proverb that says, "a frogs kid is a frog" ; )

That is the Japanese version of "a nut does not fall far from the tree", which we say back in America. I like the Japanese one better this time. How descriptive that phrase is.

So if we have such marked influence in the lives that we choose to bring into and unleash on this world, we should do a good as good a job as is humanly possible. Its our duty. And not just in major things. All the little things and attitudes we have are constantly shaping our children just like the sea slowly brings change and definition to the coastlines that it constantly send its waves upon.

In the same we our parenting (or lack of)  affects the generations, so does the way that we deal with life, situations, and how we deal with the tragedies like the tsunami will also affect the generations to come. The stories of sacrifice and love will inspire our children to greatness and help build character and and serve as examples shaping the ways in which they will respond to the tragedies that they will with out a doubt encounter in their own lives. However, in the same way, our ignorance, apathy, and acting out of misplaced priorities will produce the same impotence and evil in society that we find in people that were abused and neglected as children. I gues we could say, a society of frogs will be as a single frog. And true that is, its called culture.

So today, my question to us all is, just what kind of men and women are we hoping our children will become? Want them to become small natured, selfish people that put their own confort and convenience first? Be that, and that is exactly what they will become.

Perhaps you are hoping that they will grow into positions of greatness, make positive changes to the world they invarialbly shape, and to become heros of the next generation.

Today, we all have a choice. Of course we have bills, things we need to buy and use, we have things that we want. But we also have a choice to be heros to our stricken breatheren in Tohoku and other places around the world. However, giving entails sacrifice. Sit your kids down. Talk to them. Be informed yourself and then inform them. Tell them straight out of the pain and suffering. Ask them if they would not rather skip the trip to disneyland this year and use that money to help a family rebuild their fractured lives. Kids are amazing and so often when given the chance, a hero emerges before your eyes. Be a hero today. For those in need, for yourself, and for our future.


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