Back to normal?

Back to normal?

After the election, one thing I have heard alot is, "I hope things will settle back down to normal now…. Actually, that is absolutely the last thing I want… Just what is normal?  First, this is an interesting picture, and it speaks alot of just what is normal in America, or at least what has […]

A word is worth a thousand pictures?

Usually we say a picture is worth a thousand words…. Kozmoz means many things to many people. It operates a food bank, sponsors cultural exchange events, as well as providing international internships for giving people from all over the world a chance to experience Japanese culture and learn about social enterprise and how to structure our […]

An after view of the Kumamoto Earthquake- How to help

Disasterous. Unheard of. Over 500 earthquakes over 3 days, with the largest being 7.3 M… Of course there were buildings collapsed, roads destroyed, gas pipes broken, and damage that one wolud expect. There were miracles as well like the 8 month old baby girl that was pulled from the rubble by rescue workers. She was crushed […]

Young or old, a place for all!

Old or Young, the desire to help other people is something every one can have. Here at Kozmoz, we have several senior citizens that dedicate their time to helping the needy. Im sure there are more people like that with time on their hands that would like to make a difference in someone’s life. Take  Nick […]

Hope and Tears

That's my boy Rio, youngest of my three boys. We had a great day yesterday delivering all kinds of fruits, pastries, and veggies to institutions for the less fortunate in Osaka yesterday in the Kansai region south of where we live in Kyoto.  We stopped by one in Ibaraki that we deliver to weekly. Rio […]

Bracing for the next tsunami

As if things were not bad enough in Japan after suffering a staggering blow from the great earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan on March 11th, there may be even worse news coming. Here are a few interesting statistics.  For a typical family making 300000~340000 yen a year living in Miyagi prefecture where the center […]

Kozmoz International Party~May

  This month on May 7th we will have our monthly International party! This time we will be raising funds to support the Earthquake victims as well Please stop by and show your support!   date:4/2(Sat.) time:7:30pm start~ place:Kyouto Fushimi Momoyama Center cost:1000円(all you can eat) (drinks not included) Our goal is to raise 100,000円for […]

Recovery a long way off

 A man does his part to help rebuild his community…. With so many issues worldwide it is easy to forget about the recent Japanese disaster or think that things are progressing bringing a sense of normalcy to the victims of north east Japan. Here is an update as of today April 21st to put things […]

Japan News

Truck leaving tonite-april 4th Each week as our trucks are full we are delivering needed aid and supplies to the victims of the tsunami. This time we will be delivering north of Ishinomaki in a very hard hit area. Don't worry if you did not get your donations in for this truck, they can be […]

I love Japan

No, that is not a scene from some war torn country. Those are Japanese soldiers carrying one of my japanese brothers that fell victim to the devistating earthquake and tsunami a week ago… There is an old addage that says, “you don’t know what you have until it is gone”. And I have lost something […]

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