New Kozmoz Center in Kyoto

New Kozmoz Center in Kyoto

Thru the hard work of all the staff and volunteers we have moved our Japan headquarters to Fushimi ward in south Kyoto. Centered in the most famous sake brewing district in Japan, it is rich in history surrounded by quiet wonderful suburban scenery. The new center has 4 floors, the bottom of which will be […]

Christmas is for everybody

Christmas is special to me. The world is full of people that think it is just another day but it does not have to be. For those of us that think it is special, it can be even more special to share it with someone that has never had ‘Christmas’ before. This year we made […]

Super Nutritionist!

We deliver a variety of donated and purchased products to institutions and support agencies. Recently, we received quite a few turkeys through Second Harvest Japan. Whole turkeys are not the most common thing for Japanese to cook or eat and most of the turkeys were cut up and used for soups and other dishes. But […]