No, we did not forget

No, we did not forget

We have had a lot of news regarding the tragedy in N.E. Japan so we wanted to let everyone know tha  in all of our zeal to help the survivors, we have not forgetten the underprivileged here in Kansai and the other places about the world that Kozmoz provides, support, relief, and aid to the […]

Tohoku relief through relocation

Komzoz Japan is now accepting applications for families wishing to relocate to Kansai and Chugoku regions in order to minimize exposer to radioactive nuclides for their children. Though Komzoz continutes to provide support and foodstocks to the areas devastated by the March 11th tsunami and earthquake, we believe that the arbitrary 20 km exclusion zone […]

Tohoku relief report for August

The situation in Tohoku is bitter for many of the residents and nobody can share thier pain, disappointments and disenfranchisments as they themselves have in this video. We as people, Japan and the world community can do much better than we have. For now, Kozmoz continutes to do as much as possible. The next truck […]

November Kansai Soup Kitchen

On 11/5 Kozmoz is planning to have our monthly soup kitchen This month we will got JR Tennouji Station in Osaka. After the shops by the station close up at 8pm Homeless people start to gather and sleep there despite the harsh coldness. We will make lunches and take aprox. 50 lunches and provide hot […]

Free health, dental, and legal consultations

On 10/30 Kozmoz will be attending the 2011 Yorozu Soudankai at Kyoto Campus Plaza Every Year the Yorozu Soudankai is held at the Kyoto Campus Plaza. It is an event to provide free health checks, free dental checks and legal consultations for people in need. Kozmoz International has participated the last 4 years in this […]

Volunteer Festa `11

On 10/2 Kozmoz International will take in the Kyoto city Fukushi Volunteer Center`s 2011 Volunteer Festa The event is to promote Volunteer activities and is mainly for social awareness and to promote different kinds of volunteer acitivities to people. Kozmoz will participate by promoting our activities and bringing awareness to people about the situation in […]

October Kansai Soup Kitchen

On 10/1 Kozmoz plans to have our monthly soup kitchen in Kansai! will put details up later.

Next Trip To Tohoku

On 9/11 Kozmoz will be sending a truck full of food up to Tohoku to distribute it to the people who need it! Will put details up later