A Cold Night in Tennoji with the Batman

A Cold Night in Tennoji with the Batman

Tennoji station is the largest hub station in south Osaka and home to one of the largest homeless populations in the nation of Japan. It is also the haunt of a man that we call The Batman that helps provide for the local residents with no roof to call their own. We call him The […]

Christmas for the Homeless

On Dec. 28 Wed. We will be making christmas dinners for the Homeless in Osaka. As the economy continues to worsen the number of the needy has increased significantly. It is our duty as members of society to support these people. What better way to let these people know that we care and have not […]

Kozmoz Kansai Food Bank

Meet Kunihisa and Keiko, helpers at the Kozmoz Kansai Food Bank Pantry. Food banking didn't exist Japan when Kozmoz came here 17 years ago, and it is still in it's infancy. However with the help of concerned citizens like these and the many others that help, foodbanking and food pantries are becoming a reality. Now […]


To your right, you will see the wonderful princess Reina, now helping with the website at kozmoz. She is also skilled in: piano tennis spanish making chili dogs (super secret menu item coming soon) Well, none of which has any real relation to website, but I wanted to give her a good plug. AND, of course […]

Everyday people making a difference

These nice folks to the left are from Icchukai (which roughly means "we are all one ) a group in Kyoto that practices Japanese Tea Ceremony or Sado, the way of tea. They come from an amazing variety of backgrounds but they all share a love of the inspiration that comes from practicing their craft […]

The ultimate seat of power

Buy Nothing Day is held each year on the 24th of November in which people from around the world agree to buy nothing for 24 hours. Why? in order to remind the architects of the economies around the world just who it is that provides the funds to fuel their grand economic plans. That would […]